Museum Educational Service

Guided Tours, Educational Programs and Birthday Parties

For information and reservations, please contact the museum team:

Phone:   +49 (0)251 484 27-0
Fax:+49 (0)251 484 27-50


Reservations need to be made at least 12 days in advance. Full charges apply for cancellations without 48 hours notice.

Birthday Parties

Have your party at the Westphalian Horse Museum for a birthday to remember!

Duration:1,5 hours
Costs: 40 €


Guided Museum Tours

Students will be introduced to the different parts of the exhibition: evolution of the horse, wild and free-roaming horses, biology of the horse, horse breeding, use of horses over the course of time, equestrian sports.

Duration:1 hour
Ages: appropriate for all ages
Costs: 30 € (plus zoo admission fees)


Educational programs

1) Cowboys in Westphalia

Duration:1,5 hours
Grades: 1-4
Costs: 40 € (plus zoo admission fees)

2) From the "Prehistoric Horse" to the "Working Horse"

Duration:1,5 hours
Grades: 1-10
40 € (plus zoo admission fees)

3) Working Horses 

Duration:1,5 hours
Grades: 5-10
Kosten: 40 € (plus zoo admission fees)


Work Sheets & Handouts

There are three different kinds of work sheets:

  • From the "Prehistoric Horse" to the "Modern Horse"
  • Biology of the Horse
  • Horse and Man

Costs: € 4 for printed copies via mail (incl. three different work sheets)
           € 8 for one set of work sheets (35 sheets) picked up at the museum 


The following materials are available for families and unannounced school groups:

1) Exhibition Quiz (Ages: 9+)
Costs: € 1

2) Equine Quiz (Ages: 8+)
Costs: € 1



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