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The Association to Support the „Westphalian Horse Museum Münster”

In February 1992, a number of horse enthusiasts met and founded a development association in Münster - only a few kilometers away from Germany's equine stronghold Warendorf – with the aim to erect a museum illustrating the cultural history of breeding, riding, and driving in the region of Westphalia. Among them were well-known riders such as Dr. Reiner Klimke (†1999) and Hendrik Snoek, chairman of the jumping committee of the German Olympic Committee for Riding (DOKR). Moreover, August Lütke Westhues (†2000), chairman of the municipalities association of the Westphalian Riding and Driving Clubs, and Günther Dieckmann-Großhundorf, then chairman of the "Westfälische Pferdstammbuch," belonged to the founders. Today, the association counts more than 500 members from all parts of Westphalia and is headed by the Grevener logistic business man Heinz Fiege.

With imagination and energetic commitment, it took only ten years to establish a collection of exhibits and secure finances. Due to the financial support of the Nordrhein-Westfalen-Stiftung, the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe, the Land NRW, the Sparkasse Münsterland-Ost, the WGZ-Bank, and a number of additional sponsors from industry and commerce, a building contract was awarded to Peter Rasbach in Spring 2001. Rasbach won the competition for architectural design.

In 1996 the "Allwetterzoo" in Münster, which welcomes 750,000 visitors annually, opened its doors within the framework of a restructuring program that included the Westphalian Horse Museum as an independent institution and as the focus for the planned horse park. Being unique in Germany, this kind of cooperation offers both parties exceptional chances. A lively museum opened its doors on October 27, 2002, to present its visitors a stimulating interaction between exhibits and real horses of different breeds. On that day, the museum enriched the location at the Münster Aasee with a further attraction by joining the "Westfälische Naturkundemuseum" and the "Mühlehof Freilichtmuseum."

The association to support the Westphalian Horse Museum is the main partner of the non-profit organization and supports the museum in its work, mainly by carrying out special exhibitions, supporting scientific research, or extending the museum's collection through the acquisition of objects for display.

Members of the association are invited to attend various events, talks in the framework of "Academia Hippoligica," openings of special exhibitions, the annual trip to a destination of particular interest for breeding or equestrian sports, evening events in the Arena Hippomaxx, and regular meeting of the "WPM-jour-fixe."

The association always welcomes new members. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting the museum through membership, donations, or potential exhibits. We will be pleased to inform you in more detail.

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