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Caressing, grooming, saddling – children can experience all that in the Westphalian Horse Museum. The campaign “Get close to the horse!“, which the museum has initiated together with the Westphalian Riding & Driving School, lets the kids (and their parents) have their first experiences with a horse. The programme includes grooming, brushing, putting on the halter and saddling; and if you like you may ride a few rounds at the lead rope. Moreover the children learn what horses like, what kind of animals they are and what needs they have.

The campaign “Get close to the horse!” intends to fill children with enthusiasm for the horse and aims at bringing children - already at an early age - into contact with horses, because not every child has the possibility to take riding lessons or to visit an equestrian centre or a riding club. The campaign of the Westphalian Horse Museum is to give those kids, who have not had any contact with horses yet, the chance to experience the fascinating world of horses.