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The German zoo docu-soap "Pinguin, Löwe & Co." made Münster’s zoo, the Allwetterzoo (All-Weather Zoo), famous across the country. The magazine "Stern" praised it in 2008 as being particularly worth seeing. No wonder, considering this zoo has so many special features.

The closeness to the animals is unmatched: visitors are allowed to feed elephants, waddle along with penguins, and observe small apes in facilities without barriers. The "Africaneum" for gorillas, the jungle for orang-utans, the meerkat area and the new elephant park are especially worth seeing. Children particularly love the "Children and Horse Park" with ponies, wolf’s wood, and petting zoo. A total of more than 3,000 animals from about 300 species live at the Allwetterzoo.
The Allwetterzoo is named for its "all weather walkways" that offer protection against the rain or the sun. The zoo grounds, which are like a park, offer many services to the visitors: idyllic picnic areas, restaurants, and kiosks, a sunbathing lawn in the summer, and beautiful playgrounds for children large and small. There are also facilities for disabled guests and diaper changing areas.

The zoo is in the middle of the Aasee recreational area and can be reached easily by car, bus, or bicycle. Your dog can accompany you, too. The zoo is open every day of the year at 9 a.m.

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